2019 Promotions

Future Leaders Moving Up

Noll & Tam is pleased to announce the promotion of three members of our staff from Associate to Senior Associate, and the elevation of three staff to Associate. As we march into our third decade, these staff have not only done great work on projects, but have also been a part of raising the stature of the firm and our involvement in the profession.

Anita C.M. Lee, Senior Associate
Anita has been providing quiet, steady management of community college, healthcare and community projects at Noll & Tam for more than 13 years. Recently licensed in California to add to her Hawaiian license, Anita is known for her attention to detail and strong skill at the DSA approvals process and construction administration. She plays a key role in encouraging employee bonding outside the office, including helping to coordinate our fall camping retreat.

Phan Dung, Senior Associate
After seeing Phan’s brilliant work as a lighting designer on our Los Gatos Library, we were lucky to have her join our architectural team in 2012. Since then she has been a driving force behind projects in our library and education sectors, moving complex projects forward with a steady hand. This technical ability is complemented by her balanced aesthetic, ensuring that all her projects get a dash of something special.

Ned Reifenstein, Senior Associate
After just five years at Noll & Tam, Ned has made himself an indispensable part of the team. His attention to detail and holistic view of design help him manage some of the largest projects in the office – the College of Alameda New Center for Liberal Arts and the Cherryland Community Center. Ned is a go-to resource for our younger designers, and is always willing to share his wisdom and experience.

Jessica Jobe Sea, Associate
Jessica has developed her skills and architectural expertise in the 5½ years she’s been with Noll & Tam. She’s involved with the Equity by Design committee of the AIA and is currently working as a fellow with Pathways to Equity, a group that champions social justice in the design process. A newly licensed architect, Jessica has worked on projects from a large and complex lab renovation at UCSF to two small charter school renovations on the Peninsula.

Eric Skiba, Associate
As a senior architect and project manager, Eric brings more than 20 years of experience and a valuable understanding of how a large building is put together. Since coming to Noll & Tam almost two years ago, Eric has become a key player in our community college sector, as the project architect of the Solano College Library/Learning Resource Center and the project manager for the Laney College Library. His golf game puts the rest of us to shame.

James Gwise, Associate
With a background in tech research and development facilities, retail, and residential design, James is now leading the largest community center project in the office – the new Los Altos Community Center. We’ve yet to find a project type to which James cannot apply his strong architectural and management skills, and his beautiful sketching hand. In the office, he is a mentor and leader to his team, and an asset to the firm as a whole.