Oakland Zoo California Trail

Gondola views and up-close encounters with native California species

Oakland Zoo Veterinary Hospital

Green design sets precedent for veterinary facilities

UCSF Health Sciences Renovation

The latest in laboratory research and instructional environments

Jane Gray Research Greenhouse

A carefully controlled environment for research and learning

Oakland Children’s Zoo

Hanging bats, baby goats, and friendly otters in a place for children to learn and play

Monterey Bay Aquarium Animal Care Center

An expansion of a special facility with otters as patients

Dunnell Nature Park & Education Center

Peacocks and people in harmony in Fairfield

Cañada College Science Renovation

Updating science buildings on a very fast schedule

The Marine Mammal Center

A center of environmental stewardship with a mission of marine rescue

CuriOdyssey North American River Otter Exhibit

Otters in Action at CuriOdyssey