Green Building Award

Half Moon Bay Library Wins 2019 Green Building Award

The Half Moon Bay Library was honored for its contributions to sustainability in San Mateo County as the recipient of this year’s Green Building Award from Sustainable San Mateo County. “This new library is a modern and inviting space for learning and exploring. And it represents the forward-thinking commitment to the environment, that is so important to our community,” said Deborah Penrose, former Mayor and current Councilmember of Half Moon Bay.

Realizing this project was a true collaboration between Half Moon Bay, the San Mateo County Libraries, San Mateo County, the design team, and the contractor. It was wonderful to celebrate this award with everyone involved, and to reflect on how the library could serve as a foundation for generations to come.

Alyson Yarus

Christopher Noll

Jocelyn Lawrence Barish

Trina Goodwin