Library Journal Design Institute 2017

Creative and Sustainable Thinking in Vancouver, WA.

Principals Chris Noll and Scott Salge were excited to travel to Vancouver, WA (near Portland) to participate in Library Journal’s Design Institute, an event with panel discussions about issues in library space and design, and sessions to creatively solve real-life design challenges. They led a Design Challenge breakout session to look at how a teen zone could be incorporated into the Puyallup Public Library in Washington state. Chris and Scott took the participants through the different elements of what a teen area could be, inspiring them to think creatively when considering what should be incorporated into a modern library.

Chris also participated on a panel on Smart Sustainability led by Amelia Shelley, Executive Director of Fort Vancouver Regional Library, along with with Jeff Davis, Principal at Arch Nexus. The panel focused on how sustainability should meet the needs of the staff and patrons of the library.

Christopher Noll

Scott Salge