AIA East Bay Board Members Elected

Congratulations to Noll & Tam’s Ned Reifenstein, joining the Board in 2022
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The results are in and the newest members of AIA’s Board of Directors will include Noll & Tam’s Ned Reifenstein. Here’s what Ned had to say about his practice and goals for this year:
I have lived, worked, and designed in the East Bay for almost twenty years. During that time, I have focused on public, community-oriented projects in underserved neighborhoods, including the Cherryland Community Center in Hayward and the New Center for Liberal Arts at the College of Alameda. My work has led me to value the potential of design as a transformational tool for institutions and communities, with architects uniquely placed to help new understandings to emerge. I feel it is particularly important for us as a profession to use our power against climate change – and to ensure that we bring the discussion to all the communities we serve, not just the most enabled and bespoke. As a member of the AIA East Bay Board, I will work to further these efforts.
Congratulations, Ned!